Emma Hedley Does Lady Gaga!

So... this is my 1st blog! And what better way to kick start than with a trip to see lady Gaga!


I was on my way home from work when I bumped into my friend who suggested we try and get tickets to see Lady Gaga at the Manchester Students Union on Oxford road Monday 29th June. So off we went to get ready to go and I just thought Lady Gaga has the most awesome style... maybe she might like one of my rings?! So I made her a huge cluster ring! like really seriously huge! I used these beautiful 20mm Chrysophase beads that are dyed this luscious green, and some cute lime green buttons from an amazing haberdashery in Poitiers in France, topped off with a silver hand sqished and stamped name tag!

So I wrapped it up and off we went! the gig was fantastic, her costumes were  wicked, I love the bubble jacket with matching piano!!! We danced our little socks off and screamed our little hearts out! then gave the gift wrapped present to one of the team! So I hope she gets it and loves it and wears it!!! X:-)     

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