Bellini Rocks Photo Shoot

Well the Bellini Rocks Photo shoot was wicked! It was in Preston at the Media Factory, we did a street casting in Manchester and had an article in the Lancashire Evening Post to find Bellini Girls to model the rings.


You can see the Bellini Girls and the rings at they all looked fantastic, I'm really pleased with how it all went! It's crazy how much organisation it takes though!


Yan Preston was the photographer we've done loads of projects together before but this was the biggest ( , Claire and Liv did the hair and make up, they worked so hard, they had a little production line going on! We had gorgeous lunch delivered from the Equator Cafe just round the corner. (I used to work there in 1st year at uni!) Richard Green filmed the shoot, he's an apprentice gold smith at AKA Bespoke Jewellers, I think he was enjoying hanging out with the models a bit too much though!!! Check out the vid here as edited by my lovely bro! Rosie Frater is doing work experience with me, she was the ultimate helper! Running everyone through the health and safety, setting up, preparing the studio, sorting out rings for each look! Chris Dobson is the Bellini Rocks Agent, she's so glam and fabulous! She was working with me to direct the shoot and make sure we had each look just right. Phew! What a day! I think every one slept well that night x:-)




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