How to make bangles out of plastic knitting needles

knitting needle bangles

I've just come accross these fab bangles made from old plastic knitting needles by Liana Kabel


It's dead easy to do at home, all you need is a pan of boiling water, plastic knitting needles, a bangle mandrel/ former (or rolling pin... or anything round to wrap the needles around!)and a well ventolated area!


Just heat up the knitting needles in the boiling water, then after 5- 10 minutes take them out (using tongs) and wrap them around your former.


I wore thermal gloves when handling the hot plastic but it cools down quickly so you need to be quite quick. Once it's in the right shape hold it into a bowl of cold water to set. If it isn't flexible enough just put it back into the water for a bit longer and try again! Easy!


Apparently you can use a steamer, but it didnt seem to work as well as the boiling water. Happy bangle making! x:-) 


If you don't fancy making them you can buy them from Liana Kitch on Etsy, she has all kinds of wonderful kitch and recycled jewellery!

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