Commercial Union House, Newcastle City Centre here we come!

We're very happy as we've just made the move from a home studio to an actual studio! It's slap bang in Newcastle city centre on Pilgrim Street. It's an old office block that has been converted into 6 floors of artists studios and community projects, it's a real hive of activity and is full to the brim of talented creative people! We are based on the 4th floor with Ampersand Inventions it's a lovely space and we are thoroughly enjoying being there.


Working form home has it's pros and cons... On one hand there's no rush hour, extra rent or parking to deal with, I could also work while the kids were in bed. On the other hand, there are always distractions like washing up, laundry, toys everywhere and ending up working too much because theres no separation to work and home life, It was also a bit isolating working from home.

Being in the new studio has given us an opportunity to  get involved with Newcastle's bustling creative scene and have a better work life balance, it's brilliant!    

Emma Hedley Jewellers bench
Emma Hedley working at the jewellers bench in the new studio

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