Behind The Scenes: Photoshoot with Claire Collinson Photography

Photo Shoot at Tynemouth Beach with Claire Collinson Photography, Engagement Shoot, Emma Hedley Jewellery

We were so excited to organise a photo shoot with an amazingly talented friend Claire Collinson, last week. Emma got in touch with a lovely couple, Amy & Martin, who had contacted us about a bespoke wedding ring, and asked whether they'd like to be part of our photo shoot - luckily they were both hugely excited and agreed to come along. 


The day started with a few shots in the studio, before we bundled everything into our cars and drove to a local beach at Tynemouth. Despite the brisk chill in the November air, Tynemouth was still as beautiful as usual, and the perfect backdrop for our shots. 

Tynemouth Beach Photo Shoot, Engagement Shoot, Emma Hedley Jewellery, Claire Collinson Photography

Despite it being a weekday, the beach was still quite busy with dog walkers and people enjoying a stroll. Our little setup didn't fail to grab attention, especially from the diners at Crusoe's! Who also kindly filled up our hot water bottle and proved a perfect little stop for a cuppa break. 

Tynemouth Beach Engagement Photo Shoot, Emma Hedley Jewellery, Claire Collinson Photography

We were also recommended another lovely local Jodie, who had previous modelling experience and was also up for being involved in our little shoot. We were so grateful Jodie could come along - and even as the day begun to get a little more grey & chilly, the laughter and enthusiasm didn't stop. 

Tynemouth Beach Engagement Photo Shoot, Modelling, New Collection, Emma Hedley Jewellery, Newcastle Jeweller, Claire Collinson Photography
Emma Hedley Jewellery Photo Shoot on Tynemouth Beach with Claire Collinson Photography

Overall, it was a fantastic day, full of cold red noses, rogue dogs on the beach wanting to be nosy and most importantly lots of laughter! We are so excited to see all of the shots, and we'll be quick to show them off to you all too, so keep your eyes peeled. 



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