All things Eco, Vintage, Handmade and Fabulous...

Emma Hedley, Photography by Lucy Ridges
Photography by Claire Collinson

At Emma Hedley Jewellery pieces are created not only to encapsulate emotion but also inspire feeling. There is a positive ethos within the company that stems from Emma’s outlook on life. As Emma travelled the world she absorbed the best of every culture she encountered; this worldly inspiration is channeled through her work. It was on this journey that she ran out of funds in New Zealand, sitting on the street in Queenstown, she transformed nothing more than beads and wire into cocktail rings. The response her work’s received from that moment has carved out her career in jewellery.


This artisan studio attempts to spread a positive ethos, using fair trade silver and gold wherever possible. Many pieces are hand crafted, allowing customers to own unique jewellery that is capable of conveying true sentiment.


The eye for design has been developed throughout Emma Hedley’s life, from studying Art Foundation at Queen Elizabeth sixth form to a degree in 3D Design and Digital Marketing at the University of Central Lancashire. As her style developed she learnt her craft working at Rachel Hearne Contemporary Jewellery as part of the Fresh Creative Placement Scheme. Her bench working skills were then honed for a further two years at a leading North West jeweller, in Manchester’s city centre, developing and designing high end jewellery.  


Emma Hedley designs have also ventured into other artistic spheres and her furniture (Chaise By Me) has been exhibited at New Designers in London 2007 and 2010.


She has recently moved her business to Newcastle where she continues to impart passion into every aspect life, raising her two wonderful young boys, running her expanding business and maintaining her positive perspective.


We like to re use and recycle; we can see the potential in everything. 


We love clothes swaps, charity shops, car boots, hand me downs and vintage shops.


We searched high and low to find a lovely packaging company that provides us with recycled boxes gift bags and tissue paper that comes from sustainable sources.  


We like things to be unique and a bit wonky, like home grown carrots.


We enjoy listening to lovely, happy, feel good music while tapping away in the workshop, putting positive vibes into everything we make.


We believe in dreaming big, being gentle to each other and the planet and having fun in the process.


We get excited about new ideas and love to inspire people; we love to share our skills and knowledge by teaching workshops and volunteering.    


We like to think that... the possibilities are endless!