Behind The Scenes: Photoshoot with Claire Collinson Photography

Photo Shoot at Tynemouth Beach with Claire Collinson Photography, Engagement Shoot, Emma Hedley Jewellery

We were so excited to organise a photo shoot with an amazingly talented friend Claire Collinson, last week. Emma got in touch with a lovely couple, Amy & Martin, who had contacted us about a bespoke wedding ring, and asked whether they'd like to be part of our photo shoot - luckily they were both hugely excited and agreed to come along. 


The day started with a few shots in the studio, before we bundled everything into our cars and drove to a local beach at Tynemouth. Despite the brisk chill in the November air, Tynemouth was still as beautiful as usual, and the perfect backdrop for our shots. 

Tynemouth Beach Photo Shoot, Engagement Shoot, Emma Hedley Jewellery, Claire Collinson Photography

Despite it being a weekday, the beach was still quite busy with dog walkers and people enjoying a stroll. Our little setup didn't fail to grab attention, especially from the diners at Crusoe's! Who also kindly filled up our hot water bottle and proved a perfect little stop for a cuppa break. 

Tynemouth Beach Engagement Photo Shoot, Emma Hedley Jewellery, Claire Collinson Photography

We were also recommended another lovely local Jodie, who had previous modelling experience and was also up for being involved in our little shoot. We were so grateful Jodie could come along - and even as the day begun to get a little more grey & chilly, the laughter and enthusiasm didn't stop. 

Tynemouth Beach Engagement Photo Shoot, Modelling, New Collection, Emma Hedley Jewellery, Newcastle Jeweller, Claire Collinson Photography
Emma Hedley Jewellery Photo Shoot on Tynemouth Beach with Claire Collinson Photography

Overall, it was a fantastic day, full of cold red noses, rogue dogs on the beach wanting to be nosy and most importantly lots of laughter! We are so excited to see all of the shots, and we'll be quick to show them off to you all too, so keep your eyes peeled. 




The Northern Gift Box: Tori Lo Designs

We are lucky enough to be neighbours with Vicky in Bamburgh House (based in the centre of Newcastle). It was alongside Vicky that the gift box range came to life, and we absolutely love that her handcrafted leather purses & wallets are also in the range. 


Vicky originally worked in the accessories industry for 5 years, but (luckily!) came to a point where she wanted to start up her own business. Vicky's brand really represents her as a person, and her attention to detail on every single piece is undeniable. 


Tori Lo Designs has a huge focus on high quality and craftsmanship, and every item in the range is sleek & simple but incredibly timeless (sometimes with a little edge, such as colour options or tie dye effect). Vicky also completes every single step of the creative process herself, from dying the leather (no two are the same, adding even more charm), to cutting, to hand stitching each item - because so much care is taken during each stage, the finished result will endure many, many years of love and will only get better with wear.

Tori Lo Designs, Wallet, Handmade Leather Wallet, The Northern Giftbox


The Northern Gift Box Artists: Raw Pots

Raw Pots North East, Hand Thrown Ceramic Glazed Crockery, The Northern Giftbox Collaboration

If you haven't already taken a peak at our gift box range, then we are incredibly excited to have also collaborated with Raw Pots, whose beautifully hand thrown ceramics also feature within the range.


Becky's choice of glazes and colour combinations are gorgeously earthy, while each mug is just the perfect rustic shape to snuggle your hands around to keep them cosy with a warm cuppa on a cold day. We all love the rise in popularity of Scandinavian lifestyle trends such as 'Hygge', and when the team were dreaming up the gift box idea, we all agreed a handmade, rounded & rustic mug would fit perfectly into the boxes, promoting comfort and quality. 


Becky is based alongside 2 other potters in Newcastle Upon Tyne (you can find more from them at @studio4pottery), Becky also sells her unique ceramics on the Quayside market every Sunday as well as at Tynemouth Market, so pop along for a gentle stroll one day and take a little look at everything she has on offer, we think there's no lovelier way to spend your weekend.    

Handmade Mugs, Ceramics, Cosy, Raw Pots, The Northern Gift Box


The Northern Gift Box Artists: Abaissé Chocolatier

Lillie of Abaissé Chocolatier, The Northern Giftbox Collaboration
Handmade Hot Chocolate, Madagascan Nibs, Abaissé Chocolatier

Abaissé produces the 'madagascan nibs' hot chocolate for our gift box range, as well as the stunning geometric Christmas Spice milk chocolate bars and taster packs. 


The festive season is undoubtedly the cosiest time of year, with much more time spent at home with the family, or curled up on the sofa for a Netflix binge. We wanted to include something beautifully handmade & local, that would make those indulgent nights in, even better. 


We first discovered Abaisse Chocolatier whilst searching Instagram for local goodies to add to the mix! Lillie has been training to be a chocolatier since she was 18 and having perfected her gorgeous treats she has just begun trading.


Lillie's products are entirely crafted by hand, from grinding down the cocoa beans, tempering the chocolate to even producing her own gianduja (think praline, but hazelnuts instead of almonds!) -  these delicious pieces of luxury are not only a comforting treat but also stunning to look at.


Lillie's geometric chocolate bars are like a work of art and each flavour combination is just incredible, from torched pear, maple & granola to green tea and puffed rice. We were all in firm agreement that this is the most beautiful chocolate any of us had ever tried, and we're all so excited to see Lillie's business flourish and thrive.


Lillie kindly brought five bars to the studio for us to photograph and we got so excited we ate them all within minutes...  before even getting the chance to photograph them (oops!) - so of course we just HAD to have these absolute beauties in our gift boxes!


Abaisse Chocolatier, Handmade Chocolate, Gift Box, Christmas Gifts, Luxury

'The Northern Gift Box' Range

A gorgeous range of gift sets filled with handmade pieces from local Artists.

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with some amazing Newcastle Upon Tyne based artists to create the most beautiful, thoughtful, personalised gift sets.


This is a unique collaboration of handmade products that you won't get anywhere else in the world! If you're looking for something a little different to give your loved ones this festive season, this may just be for you...


The gift sets include:

  • Handmade personalised leather purses and wallets by Tori Lo Designs
  • Hand thrown ceramic mugs by Raw Pots
  • Artisan geometric chocolate bars and hot chocolate by Abaisse Chocolatier
  • Luxury personalised gift boxes (with your own message) by Sickstyles  
  • Personalised silver adjustable rings and bracelets by Emma Hedley Jewellery 

 So whether you're shopping for your Mum, Dad, your Other Half, your Uncle, Aunt, your Grandparents, your beloved children... or even for yourself, there is something perfect bundled up in one of these beautiful boxes. 


Abaisse Chocolatier

We first discovered Abaisse Chocolatier whilst searching Instagram for local goodies to add to the mix! Lillie has been training to be a chocolatier since she was 18 and having perfected her gorgeous treats she has just begun trading. Lillie's products are entirely crafted by hand, from grinding down the cocoa beans to the finished product, these delicious pieces of luxury are not only a comforting treat but also stunning to look at.


Lillie's geometric chocolate bars are like a work of art and each flavour combination is just incredible! We were all in firm agreement that this is the most beautiful chocolate any of us had ever tried. Lillie kindly brought five bars to the studio for us to photograph and we got so excited we ate them all within minutes...  before even getting the chance to photograph them (oops!) - so of course we just HAD to go back for more. 



silver crossover personalised adjustable lyric ring Emma Hedley Jewellery
dainty hoop bracelet Emma Hedley Jewellery Silver Personalised


Emma Hedley Jewellery

The way to many hearts is of course with a thoughtful piece of jewellery. There's something incredibly special about being able to wear a gift from a loved one every day, and even more special when stamped with a little something just for you.


Emma's beautiful adjustable sterling silver 'Lyric' rings and 'Dainty Hoop' bracelets are a lovely way to give someone that precious gift with a personal twist. Both options are handmade and can be stamped with your message of choice - who wouldn't love that?

Raw Pots Abaisse Chocolatier Artsist of the north collaboration

Raw Pots

If you haven't already taken a peak at the 'Hot Chocolate Box', then we're incredibly excited to have also collaborated with Raw Pots who makes beautifully hand thrown ceramics.


Becky's choice of glazes and colour combinations are gorgeously earthy, while each mug is just the perfect rustic shape to snuggle your hands around to keep them cosy with a warm cuppa on a cold day. Becky sells her unique ceramics on the Quayside market every Sunday, so pop along for a gentle stroll along the quayside and take a little look at everything she has on offer, we think there's no lovelier way to spend a lazy Sunday.   

Tori Lo Bi Fold Purse

Tori Lo Designs

Another beautiful option within our gift sets are Tori Lo's stunningly hand crafted leather purses and wallets. Each piece is lovingly hand dyed, cut and sewn and then personalised with a message of your choice.


Vicky's attention to detail and craftsmanship is just beautiful and finished to an incredibly high standard, each and every time. Vicky is also based in Bamburgh house in Newcastle City Centre, which is where Vicky and Emma got together to concoct the idea of collaborating! 

Artists of the North Gift box collaboration


Each gift set comes perfectly gift wrapped in luxurious silver boxes, saving you any stress when it comes to gift wrapping.


Every set is personalised inside the lid of the box with your own message printed by Sickstyles. Sickstyles is an amazing art inspired print company also based in Bamburgh house, who have only just begun trading but have a lot of exciting things in the works!       

It's been a lot of work and love getting these gorgeous boxes together and we are so happy with the finished result. We really hope you love what we have created together, and hope it not only makes your life a little easier close to Christmas but also makes your loved ones' faces light up when they open them up. 


Colour Palette Inspiration: Bold Mediterranean Fusion

Bright Pink, Blue and Deep Grey

This week, we're focusing on a vibrant colour clashing palette. Though right now the evenings are certainly looking more glum and grey, we are thinking ahead to all those gorgeous ceremonies being held next Summer, where these pops of pink and blue will truly shine amidst a luscious array of greenery. So curl up on the couch, get yourself a cuppa, and let's get inspired! 


The colour palette this week is far from subtle and is therefore not for the faint at heart; clashing pinks and various shades of blue come together as a stunning fiesta of colour and excitement - a true feast for the eyes.  We have to thank fellow North East blogger Scran on the Tyne's review of the stunning Le Petit Château, in Otterburn for all of our inspiration this week - we were instantly enamored with the contrast of their Mediterranean terrace against the sky and wanted to take this a little further with décor and styling. 

Le Petit Château in Otterburn, Northumberland
Le Petit Château in Otterburn, Northumberland


Though in previous weeks we have typically said most themes can be tailored to your favourite venue, we must say this week that any local bride & groom should seriously consider holding their big day at the stunning Le Petit Château in Otterburn. Aside from the stunning terrace itself, the catering and onsite accommodation is truly gorgeous and will set the scene for an outrageously memorable wedding experience, for you and your guests. 


If however, you are opting for something a little less formal or large in scale,  there are certainly smaller details you can achieve yourself to hold a thoroughly colourful ceremony at smaller grounds. There is a wealth of inspiration online of ceremonies held in family gardens or smaller terraces (try hunting out quirky bars and restaurants) - if you aren't fond of bigger numbers you can very easily tailor this theme to create something cosy and intimate whilst still playing with colour and having fun!



If there has ever been a colour palette which gives room to go a little wild, then this is it! Though our initial palette includes shades of pink, blue and green, there is no restrictions here and you should feel totally liberated to add splashes of colour everywhere.


Simple adjustments to your table settings to achieve the look would be to opt for charger plates in metallic shades of gold or copper to lie beneath rich blue earthenware plates (or mismatched shades of blue crockery picked up whilst being thrifty would be equally cool) and then finishing with scattering an array of coloured glassware (pink, green, yellow). Plan ahead, as many high street retailers stock really affordable, bright and funky glassware during Summer for garden parties (try Wilko, Ikea and Flying Tiger Copenhagen); even if they're plastic it just means you're free from any anxiety of breakages later in the evening when drink starts flowing and dancing gets a little crazier! 


Other little extras could include:

  • Adorning the table settings (or even the aisle!) with citrus fruits and foliage alongside rich pink flowers, the natural bright colours work stunning alongside shades of blue and pink and can be picked up extra affordably if you're willing to search out a fruit & veg wholesaler in your area.
  • A quick and easy addition is to use patterned tiles as name settings - tiles can run a little expensive but do your research online and in store to find reasonable bulk prices. Some online retailers offer samples which can be a huge help too. Get yourself a metallic pen (opt for a chalk paint pen in case you make any mistakes & so you can re-use the tiles after) and try your best script writing to create name settings or table numbers. 
  • Amp up your napkins by buying varying patterns of fabric (preferably robust) and clashing ribbons to tie them, druzy crystals (like above image) are easily found online and then be threaded onto ribbon very easily.
  • If you're setting up your space at home and want to lift the space a little, have a look on Etsy for personalised neon signage - it not only looks fantastic, it also offers really lovely mood lighting when the part-ay finds its way into the evening. If you're venue/garden offers limited foliage to sit the signage alongside of, hunt out artifical palm leaves/ivy and other greenery on eBay to strew over walls and trellis (also super cheap in the likes of Ikea). 
  • Dried rose petals are easily found online or wholesale, but feel welcome to give it a go yourself to retain extra aroma (and just to have fun!) - roll into cones and invite your guests to go wild scattering it around.
  • Invest in a long length of heavy duty nylon thread and hang various coloured bottles and vases from high hanging branches and walls. The addition of wild little flowers and feathers to the bottles adds texture and a little more interest, but is totally not a necessity. 
  • Buy some metallic spray paint - we have noticed it for as little as a couple of pounds in Aldi and it will quickly become your best friend. Cheap pieces of worn furniture, mirrors, frames and bottles can be painted to give them a whole new leash of life and purpose. Old photo frames can be painted to then insert print outs of table plans - you could then bring back your handy nylon thread to hang these or alternatively pin on a board or fence somewhere easily visible for your guests.


Most importantly, have loads of fun being as expressive and 'you' as possible - but that goes without saying for every bride & groom. This particular colour palette is handy as it's much less traditional and invites clashing and colour. Recently, a good friend of ours got married and had voiced that her Mum had persistently suggested she colour her hair something more 'subtle' (her hair was currently a vibrant hue of pink) on the run up to the big day - when the big day came, her hair remained a flamboyant shade of fuchsia, and nothing looked more spectacular on that day than her floral headpiece and veil against her thoroughly colourful locks. 


 Typically in wedding styling the idea is to keep things minimal and sophisticated, but if the thought of pairing back your makeup and ditching your trademark messy hair is making you twitch - don't do it. Layer up jewellery at your will and apply as much lippie as you see fit, with this theme (and any wedding really for that matter) you're totally free to show your most authentic you to your family and loved ones. 

For more details please visit our Pinterest page.

'Ocean' Wedding Band. Marquise cut London Blue Topaz and Dark Blue Sapphire interspersed with 2mm round White Opals and Diamonds.
'Ocean' Wedding Band. Marquise cut London Blue Topaz and Dark Blue Sapphire interspersed with 2mm round White Opals and Diamonds.
'Dawn' Cluster. Pear shaped pink Tourmaline, nestled in with a brilliant cut diamond and cabochon cut opal, set in 18ct yellow gold.
'Dawn' Cluster. Pear shaped pink Tourmaline, nestled in with a brilliant cut diamond and cabochon cut opal, set in 18ct yellow gold.

Colour Palette Inspiration: Parisian Vintage

Delicate Lilac, Dusky Pinks and Soft Greens with Gold Detailing

Lilac and soft green themed palette
Lilac and soft green themed palette

This weeks colour palette is inspired by all the soft, nostalgic shades of Spring and Summer whilst attempting to step away from the more typical feminine pastels such as duck egg blue or blushing pink.


Whilst compiling and researching imagery for this post, we envisaged a warm balmy day, walking down a pretty Parisian street, our nostrils filled with the welcoming mix of aromas from local pâtisseries and florists that scatter the cobbled streets. There is something comforting and warm about this palette, but the rural elements hopefully add something fresh and airy - we hope you're feeling as inspired as we do! 



The Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchland, Northumberland
The Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchland, Northumberland


There are many gorgeous options which will fit this theme, although you will of course want to choose the perfect setting to hold the big day, the key really is in the small details coming together to create atmosphere. A bright Summer day would make this palette shine if held outside in beautiful grounds but alternatively an adorned tent, greenhouse or barn conversion would be equally as lovely and eases any weather related stress or need for covered shoulders when the evening chill creeps in. 


The most important factor isn't necessarily the grandeur of the venue but the atmosphere it provides - there is something free and easy about this theme, so something more casual and open will likely work best. 



As we have already said, the beauty truly is in the details with this theme, but luckily you will be amazed at how affordably you can achieve the look with minimal effort and just a little forethought. 


Our top tip for during the build up to the big day is to get collecting! Get into the habit of frequenting local vintage shops, markets, charity shops and carboot sales and don't be afraid to ask to peruse your grandparent's attics for hidden gems.




  • Mismatched vintage tableware will add that chic French twist and even if the gold leaf pattern is wearing off, this will only add to the overall understated chic look.
  • Try to make a habit of collecting corks and be brave (and cheeky!) enough to ask local bars and restaurants for theirs, as they likely throw them away anyway - the corks can be used to make super easy name settings with extra impact.
  • A gorgeous DIY trick for your table plan is to get your hands on a gilded antique look mirror - a brilliant place to hunt one down is Facebook Marketplace and online trade sites like Gumtree; once you've found your perfect mirror this can be used as a backdrop for stationary set out for your table plan - all you will need is sticky back plastic and heavy weight craft paper, you can print the plan yourself or get creative with calligraphy.
  • Finishing touches such as foliage and twinkling candles really set the decor off, especially when the wedding reception rolls on until after sunset - glass bottles can be filled with water and small leaves to create a simple but pretty centre piece detail.
  • For floral decoration on a larger scale, try opting for wild flowers or cheaper supermarket bouquets split between mismatched containers, like golden syrup tins, coffee tars or anything else quirky you can access easily and affordably.
  • Another little tip would be to get crafty with your napkins; sticking to the French theme, we had to opt for linen - we would recommend purchasing a bulk amount of ivory linen and cutting even sections to fold (it doesn't matter if the edges are raw, this only adds to the effect!), adorn the linen with a small piece of lavender, the scent being emblematic of Provence, and tie with a length of jute string. 



As the colour palette lends itself to laid back chic, the bride has scope to be as expressive and unique as possible, be that with lace, embroidery or accessories - there's almost too much to choose from.


We are currently loving pearl and bead detailing on accessories - simple long veils adorned with beading are luxurious but paired back enough that they rarely overwhelm your dress of choice. French style is typically more relaxed whilst still flattering, which allows any accessories to shine while also leaving you comfortable the entire day (and night - for all that dancing!)


Feeling inspired?

We are too! There is a plethora of ideas and inspiration out there on Pinterest, Instagram and blogs - you would be amazed at how much you can squeeze out of your budget by becoming a little creative, but most importantly how fun it is to do in the first place! Saving on all those smaller details doesn't take away from the end result but leaves extra cash to be a little more extravagant on food, drinks and entertainment - after all, who wouldn't love dancing the night away with a full stomach and a glass of fizz in hand? The answer, nobody. 

Our personalised monogrammed velvet ring boxes come with each engagement or wedding ring.
Our personalised monogrammed velvet ring boxes come with each engagement or wedding ring.

For more details please visit our Pinterest page.


Colour Palette Inspiration: 'Luxurious Jungle'

Deep Green, Ivory & Gold

Emma Hedley Wedding Colour Palette Inspiration


Welcome to our new weekly post on wedding style inspiration! This week we are focusing on lush greenery partnered with luxurious metallics - especially crafty details we can DIY in the comfort of our own home.


Decorative foliage and sprawling palm plants aren't anything new to interiors; jungle like details in the home are something we've all drooled over whilst scrolling through Pinterest - but recently we are seeing more and more greenery emerge in wedding styling and we're loving it! 



The options are endless here but the natural beauty of tropical foliage works best in either a more rustic setting (think bohemian wicker details and soft shades of linen) or something entirely minimalistic and industrial. Either option lends itself to less 'loud' colours which lets the gorgeous greenery and golden details speak for themselves. 



This particular theme allows for lots of DIY fun (if you're up for it!). We love spray painted plastic animal toys; the toys can easily be picked up for pennies at your local charity shop or carboot sale then all you need is a mask, some outdoor space and a spray can to finish them off, once dried they work as brilliant name place holders or table numbers. Another fun DIY is spray painting wooden cutlery if your evening feast is more casual, simply mask off the handles with tape and spray with any metallic shade you prefer! You can even take this a step further and get creative with wooden planks, nailing sections together to create interesting shapes to hang or use as backdrops. 


If you don't feel as confident with DIY projects there is still a wealth of easy details to pick up affordably. Geometric terrariums are easy to find online and in interior design stores and are brilliant to house flowers, candles and other decorative pieces. Charity shops are brilliant to pick up golden toned candelabras, crockery or beautifully tarnished antique cutlery. 


Crucially, adorn the space with foliage to your hearts content and ignore the adage of 'less is more' because in this case more is more. Try lining the aisle with palm leaves or even glueing (with care) your menu to a deep green monstera leaf to place on your guests setting. Fill mason jars and glassware with leaves to scatter around tables alongside twinkling candles, and don't be afraid to also add a little greenery to your cake!



We aren't ones for dictating what best to suit any bride or groom, but luckily this colour palette works incredibly well with most style of dress or suit anyway. Opt for something silky, simple and elegant or go all out boho with delicate lace and embroidery - the options are completely endless and all part of your personal vision for how you want to feel and express yourself on your big day. 


Of course, we would say however that your big day opens up a world of exciting options when it comes to jewellery. 


The foliage and metallic tones allow for more colourful options such as our gorgeous Baroque Radiance set with Emerald, Opal, Black Spinel, Pariba Blue Topaz and Blue Tourmalines; the gorgeous greenery also lends itself perfectly to a more traditional choice if you have your heart set on diamonds or simply something a little more subtle. 


Whatever you choose, the rich tones of rose and yellow gold work perfectly with this colour palette. 


Feeling inspired?

Wonderful! Why don't you share with us your favourite idea mentioned or share any you have planned or have already executed on your big days. 




Handmade Velvet Monogrammed Ring Boxes

Now Available with each wedding and engagement ring! Handmade Velvet Monogrammed Ring Boxes!

Bespoke handmade velvet monogrammed artisan ring box by Bark and Berry for Emma Hedley Jewellery

Oh my goodness me! Check out these beautifully hand crafted velvet monogrammed ring boxes! I absolutely LOVE them! They are made to order a choice 24 colours with your initial monogrammed on the lid! A match made in heaven with our gorgeous Fairtrade and ethically sourced bespoke engagement rings don't you think? Each of our bespoke wedding and engagement rings will now come perfectly presented in your very own personalised ring box! 


They are specially made to order for us by Bark and Berry  have a look at all their boxes and let us know which one is your favourite, they are just stunning!


You could happily go to bed at night gazing your gorgeous wedding and engagement ring in this little masterpiece, whilst you moisturise your beautifully manicured hands the night before your wedding day!


Ahh I just love the finishing touches x



'Chaise By Me' Final Degree Show 2007, 3D Design with Digital Modelling

Emma Hedley 'Chaise by Me' Handmade Chaise Longue inspired by Memphis Design made in 2007 as her final degree show piece
Chaise By Me handmade in 2007 by Emma Hedley for her final degree show, inspired by the Memphis Design Movement
Emma Hedley at her final degree show with baby celebrating completing the course together 2007 pink Memphis inspired Chaise Longue chaise by me

I've just come across my old degree show work, and thought I should share the story of my journey!


I started the final year of my degree with my 9 week old baby boy Ifan (pronounced Ivan), I thought about my options and decided to just crack on and finish what I'd started, instead of dropping out or deferring a year. So for the first 3 weeks my partner and I, my dad and all of our friends helped to juggle Ifan between our student timetables until he was 12 week old, and he could go to nursery full time.


It was heart breaking leaving my little lamb at such an early age, and I cried all the way to the workshop after dropping him off, but decided that I just needed to make the most of the facilities and opportunities that were available and make the most of the child free time to get my work done! 


So this is what I made! The playful collection of jewellery and furniture inspired by Memphis and Eames.


I studied 3D Design with Digital Modelling at The University of Central Lancashire in 2007.  The course was a combination of jewellery, furniture and 3D CAD design.


This Chaise Longue was inspired by the Memphis Design Movement, it's a playful mix of recycled materials meets luxury, with luxurious velvet upholstery and recycled steel, beech plywood and recycled powder coated buoys!

I was fascinated by vintage buttons and beads at the time, and amidst doing my course I also did lots of craft markets making and selling jewellery around the University with two of my friends every time the student loans came out! 


The Chaise Longue now lives happily in our studio where we enjoy the occasional power nap!


If you would love to own a bespoke chaise longue, then just get in touch as we can make them to order, in a colour of your choice!

Mirror by Me inspired by Memphis vintage buttons and beads and the Vitra Eames Hang it all hooks

Here is the matching mirror, hat hook and magnetic button notice board that I made to go with the Chaise Longue!

Again it was inspired by the Memphis Design movement, vintage buttons and beads and also The Vitra Eames 'Hang it all' hooks.

This was made from recycled powder coated steel, velvet, acrylic, vintage button magnets and powder coated wood.  


A set of silver stacking rings final degree show 2007 by Emma Hedley Jewellery

These were a set of silver stacking rings that I made as part of the collection, I used cold enamel to give the pink colour, with gold leaf in the centre of the button holes and a green glass cabochon.

interchangeable shoe poppers by Emma Hedley for final degree show 2007

These revamped shoes with interchangeable shoe clips were the final piece of the collection!

Again going for the playful vibrant vibes of the Memphis movement!


So there you have it! One of the proudest achievements of my life!


Click here to read more about me  or visit the shop to see my latest work.


Thanks for reading x




Block Party Friday 7th October 2016 Newcastle Upon Tyne

Emma Hedley jewellery will be having an open studios event this Friday as part of the Block Party! We are based on


3rd Floor,

Bamburgh House

Market Street East

Newcastle Upon Tyne



In Bamburgh House there are 8 floors full of creative businesses, music, performance, exhibitions, so there is loads to see and it's all free!

So if you fancy seeing where all the magic happens and a closer look at some of our collections, whilst enjoying an evening bursting with culture and creativity then get yourselves down! 


Check out the write up below about some of the other wonderful things that are going on at the Block Party!

Newcastle's Creative Quarter Block Party

7pm- 11pm

Friday 7th October 2016

Follow Newcastle Creative Quarter on Facebook for more info and events

The creative and cultural organisations of Pilgrim Street, Market Street and New Bridge Street West open late for a second block party showcase night.

Within the confines of just 1 city centre block, over a dozen organisations and dozens of artists are coming together to showcase the creative work housed in the East Pilgrim Street area. From theatre companies such as Alphabetti Theatre, to art galleries like The Globe Gallery, and community venues such as ¡VAMOS! Social, this quarter of the city centre has become a vibrant hub for artistic and cultural organisations, experienced by many thousands of people over the past few years.

Whilst the area is awaiting redevelopment, many of the empty buildings have been occupied by cultural organisations and house a diverse range of arts, education and social enterprises. This has taken the area from an empty boarded up shell to a populated cultural draw with a high density of some the city’s oldest and newest arts producers.

The first Block Party in January was attended by over 1200 people, the second looks to aim even higher.

On the 7th October, many of the venues and organisations of the so called Creative Quarter will be opening their doors late to create a block party with a vast array of culture on offer, all for free. The evening kicks off at 7pm and comes to a close at ¡VAMOS! Social for late night music by Milk The Cow with Stephanie Skyes, Pete Woosh and more.


Norham House
(12-16 New Bridge St West, NE1 8AW)

Alphabetti Theatre (basement)
Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers
Alphabetti Theatre in partnership with Gary Kitching & Co presents Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers.

NewBridge Bookshop (ground floor)
Grace Denton & Competition: Both things are true
“Join us for the release of party of Both Things are True, a short film and zine by Grace Denton and Competition”.

NewBridge Project Space (ground floor)
Hidden Civil War
“Join us for a late night opening of Hidden Civil War at NewBridge Project Space”.

Commercial Union House
(39 Pilgrim St, NE1 6QE)

B&D Studios (3rd floor)
Dylan Shields: Not cast in stone
An exhibition by Dylan Shields entitled Fantastical. Shields investigates the relationship between traditional, narrative painting and contemporary materials.

Globe Galley (ground floor)
Artist’s Boot Sale
Continuing on with The Globe Gallery’s fundraising activity, Amy Whitfield is organising an Artists Boot Sale.

The Northern Charter (5th floor)
Friend you stand on sacred ground... this is a printing office
Are hosting a ‘drop-in’ poster making workshop with studio holders, CIRCA Projects and artists Giles Baily: 6-10pm.

Bamburgh House
(Market Street, NE1 6BH)

Abject Gallery (8th floor)
Mao Kai: Superior Animals
Mao Kai’s painting embodies classic traits of the modern society of China; idealism formed by a dynamic conflict.

Abject 2 Gallery (2nd floor)
‘Babble’ is an experimental event, exploring interdisciplinary performance.

F A D (4th floor)
A performative, collaborative exhibition showcasing work by F A D students – an independent Foundation course delivered in collaboration with Northumberland College.

Inspired Support (7th floor)
Inspired Support Ltd is an organisation that supports people with a learning disability or autism spectrum condition, to change their lives.

Nosebleed Interactive (6th floor)
Nosebleed Interactive is an independent games developer, whose focus is on crafting unique, fun and inclusive experiences.

Vamos Social
(Market Street, NE1 6BH)

Milk the Cow
An absolutely fantastic event as Milk the Cow returns for the first time since our Easter special with music by Dax J and Subhead.


Competition Time: Win a Little Hummingbird Pendant!

Emma Hedley Jewellery Competition Win A hummingbird pendant

How to Enter

To enter our competition to win one of these gorgeous little hummingbird pendants, you can enter via Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.


Facebook page Like the page and tag a friend in the competition post.


Instagram, Follow us, Like the post and Tag a friend.


Twitter: Follow us and like the competition post


Terms and Conditions:

You can enter the competition more than once, you will be entered into the prize draw a maximum of 3 times if you follow the above instructions for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Deadline for entries is Midnight Sunday 30th October 2016. The winner will be selected at random, by pulling a name out of a hat.


The winner will be announced Sunday 6th November 2016.


Entrants must have followed the Emma Hedley Jewellery Instagram page, liked the post and tagged a friend. And/Or on the Emma Hedley Jewellery Facebook Page, liked the page, liked the post and tagged a friend. And/Or Followed Emma Hedley Jewellery Twitter account and liked the competition post.


The winner can choose between a silver, yellow gold plated, or rose gold plated little hummingbird on an 18" chain. The winner will receive the chosen prize via Royal Mail special delivery within 30 days of selecting their chosen colour.


Thank you for entering the competition, and good luck!!!!! 


Click here to see our other collections



Behind the scenes: The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Tanya Bardo Dreams to Reality Jewellery Launch

Filmed in Randalls Jewellers in Altrincham, for the first episode of the 3rd series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire on ITVBe.

For the full collection of Dreams to Reality Jewellery visit


Spring/Summer 2016 Tanya Bardo Dreams to Reality Jewellery Range

To check out the full collection visit


Tanya Bardo Dreams to Reality Jewellery Launch

We design and make the fabulous Dreams to Reality jewellery collection for Tanya! If you'd like to purchase an Angel Love Pendant please go to 

Tanya Bardo angel love pendants

Emma Hedley Jewellery 15% off Discount Code!

Here it is! Valid for 1 week only, the 15% Early Bird Special Discount Code! Click on the image below to see the shop, and Don't forget to type in the Discount Code: EarlyBird when you check out!

Emma Hedley Jewellery 15% off Discount Code

Click here to start shopping.


New Jewellery Collection Exhibition

Emma Hedley Jewellery Crown Collection Illustration by Helen McClafferty of Osseus Design

We have been working incredibly hard over the past year creating some wonderful new collections which will be launched as part of an exciting collaborative exhibition. With stunning illustrations by Helen McClafferty from Osseus Design, ambient music provided by The Newcastle Gig Guide and beautiful video imagery by Alannah Lamb.


The new Crown Collection is designed to empower you, each piece comes with the message


" This crown symbolises strength, power and resilience.

As you put on your crown, feel empowered to take charge.

You are the ruler of your world."


The Enchantment collection celebrates Emma's love of pattern, texture and intricate detail with layers and layers of hand pierced silver and laser cut acrylic creating elaborate and stunning statement pieces, very different to her previous work.

Elaborate patterns and intricate details,

inspired by magical treasures

from faraway lands.

Explore the beauty of life.


The Launch event is on Friday 25th September 7-9pm and the exhibition will be in place until 25th October

at Praxis Gallery,

Ampersand Inventions,

4th floor, Commercial Union House

39 Pilgrim Street

Newcastle Upon Tyne



Visit our facebook event page Emma Hedley Jewellery:New collection launch for more details, contact or call 07887 555496


Raising money for Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK Logo

The Medical ID Jewellery Range was made in honour of a lovely friend Helen Holmes.


People with a severe allergy or medical condition are recommended to wear medical ID jewellery to help in situations when they are unable to communicate. Over 95% of respondents look for a medical ID in an emergency, they help to give vital information to allow the correct and timely medical care, preventing potentially harmful medical errors.


Helen had asked me to design her some medical alert jewellery as she couldn't find anything that she liked. She needed something that she could wear in case of an emergency to let people know that she had Type One Diabetes. We kept making arrangements to meet up and work out what she wanted, but we had to keep rearranging as things kept getting in the way.


Heartbreakingly Helen suffered an extreme hypoglycaemic attack while at home on her own, and as a result has been left severely brain damaged. A huge group of her family and friends gathered earlier this year to take a Dip For Diabetes, to celebrate Helen's 30th birthday and to raise money for diabetic research. Hundreds of people turned up on Saltburn Beach, we released balloons with messages for Helen and then took the plunge in the freezing cold sea. The target was to raise £1000 for Diabetes UK and so far her family and friends have managed to raise over £15000!


To continue raising funds for the charity 20% of the money from the sales of the Medic Alert Jewellery Range will go to Diabetes UK, hopefully one day they will find a cure and prevent such tragedies happening to other people.


Medical ID Jewellery is often suggested to people who suffer from any of the conditions listed below:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Autism/Special Needs Children
  • Blood Disorders
  • Blood Thinners (i.e. Coumadin, Warfarin)
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Drug Allergies (i.e. Penicillin, morphine, sulfa)
  • Emphysema/Breathing Disorders
  • Epilepsy/Seizures
  • Food Allergies (i.e. Peanut, shellfish, tree nuts)
  • Hearing, vision, or mentally impaired
  • Heart Disease (i.e. Angina, atrial fibrillation, pacemakers)
  • Insect Allergies (i.e. Bee Stings)
  • Kidney Disease
  • Pulmonary Conditions (i.e. Asthma, COPD)
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Surgery, transplant, cancer patient


If you wish to make a donation please visit


If you would like to discuss a commission for your own personalised item of Medical ID jewellery, please get in touch using the contact form below.


For more information about Medic Alert visit or


Dip For Diabetes in Honour of Helen Holmes at Saltburn Beach
Photography by Claire Collinson

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


Behind the scenes at Emma Hedley Jewellery, the process of melting a 22ct gold ring and remaking it into a marquis shaped setting.

One of the things we specialise in is the redesigning of sentimental jewellery, this video shows the steps involved in melting a gold ring and remaking it into a setting for a marquis shaped aquamarine, as part of a cluster of charms on a textured sterling silver bangle. If you are interested in having your jewellery redesigned for you then contact us using the form below for further information. 

If you would like to discuss a potential commission, please contact us using the form below.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


Tanya Bardo Dreams to Reality Jewellery Collection

Tanya Bardo Dreams to reality Angel wings Jewellery Collection

Finally the time has come, to share some exciting news!


Over the past year I’ve been working with Tanya Bardsley, wife of the Stoke City Footballer Phil Bardsley to develop the Tanya Bardo Dreams to Reality jewellery range!


You may recognise Tanya from the new reality TV Series ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’ on ITVBe! 


Each piece of jewellery comes with a little set of instructions to help you focus on your dream, asking you to write down 5 steps that you can take to make your dream become reality. You then wear the jewellery as a constant reminder to keep working towards your goal! Because there’s no point sitting about wishing your life away, you have to get out there and make it happen!


The jewellery range goes hand in hand with Tanyas self help book ‘Just a girl who got it all’ which is about how she has used the power of positive thinking to transform her life, sharing her skills and knowledge to help others to do the same. The book launch is going to be featured in tonight’s show at 10pm on ITVBe!


It’s been so much fun developing this collection and we’re buzzing with ideas for the next one!


The Dreams to Reality jewellery range is available on    


They will make gorgeous gifts for Valentines day, as gifts for bridesmaids, for birthday presents, actually for all occasions and for a treat for yourself too! So come on lets all start making our dreams come true! 



Silver Dreams to Reality Angel wing bracelet Tanya Bardo Jewellery

If you would like to buy an Angel Love Pendant please go to we are working as fast as we can to make these beautiful pendants!

Here are a couple of behind the scene pictures from the book launch! Check out the silver painted angels! 

Behind the scenes at The Tanya Bardo Just a girl who got it all Book Launch ITVBe Real Housewives of Cheshire
Silver Painted Angel Men Tanya Bardo Book Launch ITVBe behind the scenes Reah Hopusewives of Cheshire

Commercial Union House, Newcastle City Centre here we come!

We're very happy as we've just made the move from a home studio to an actual studio! It's slap bang in Newcastle city centre on Pilgrim Street. It's an old office block that has been converted into 6 floors of artists studios and community projects, it's a real hive of activity and is full to the brim of talented creative people! We are based on the 4th floor with Ampersand Inventions it's a lovely space and we are thoroughly enjoying being there.


Working form home has it's pros and cons... On one hand there's no rush hour, extra rent or parking to deal with, I could also work while the kids were in bed. On the other hand, there are always distractions like washing up, laundry, toys everywhere and ending up working too much because theres no separation to work and home life, It was also a bit isolating working from home.

Being in the new studio has given us an opportunity to  get involved with Newcastle's bustling creative scene and have a better work life balance, it's brilliant!    

Emma Hedley Jewellers bench
Emma Hedley working at the jewellers bench in the new studio

Move to Black and White Pastures

Since the move to Newcastle there's been an explosion of ideas and creativity in the company. 


We've been overwhelmed by the city's style; Newcastle Fashion week, the Late shows, the nightlife and the swagger of it all! 


There's nothing better than hitting Tyne Bar, standing under that huge arch and style watching everyone. We're glad to say our jewellery has slipped into the trends smoother than that slice of cucumber in your gin and tonic!  



The fashion shops in the area amazing but the vintage scene has blown us away. The High Bridge quarter has got enough pieces of classic and crazy clothing to rival Grace kelly and Grace Jones combined! 

The talent of the guys in Eric is astonishing, reworked vintage to the highest standard. Their clothes not only show their tailoring prowess but also their vision. Just like our own recycled jewellery they see the potential in everything!  

All we can say is that we're so glad to be here and can't wait to see what the city's got to offer us next!  


The Late Shows 2014

This years Late Shows were a veritable hive of activity, with all kinds of weird and wonderful things going on. We spent Friday night in the Ouseburn valley, browsing the beautiful open studios in Lime Street Studios, hanging out with the animals in Ouseburn Farm and busting some vintage moves on the dance floor in the Toffee Factory, with retro cocktails. 


Saturday night was spent in the city centre, checking out The Laing Art Gallery's space themed exhibitions, making robots out of rubbish. Watching the Bangshees rocking out in the City Library, a female group of drummers who were allowed to rip the silence out of the library with awesome rhythms! Followed by hours of fun in the 6 floors of The Newbridge Project open studios.


The Late Shows have 50 venues around Newcastle open after hours, a bit like a pub-crawl but for all things arty and creative! It is such good fun I recommend it to everyone!   


The Candy Vortex, The Late Shows 2014
The Candy Vortex, The Late Shows 2014

Newcastle Fashion Week, Fashion Front Row Catwalk 2014

f6 studios nfw emma hedley blog

I went to the Fashion Front Row Catwalk Show last night featuring fabulous North East Designers. It was truly inspirational and great to see such cutting edge design from the North!


Here are some of my favorites:


F6 Studios, the gorgeous dress at the top, ice dyed flowing fabric in beautiful colours... I would love one of those!


Dayne Henderson, Couture Latex. These outfits were incredible, not something one could wear on the school run, but great fun!


The Libertarian, Millinery, exquisite hats from sophisticated to quirky show stoppers!


Tallulah Love Lingerie, stunning, vintage inspired, French Lace, silk, underwear.


Unfortunately my camera died so I didn’t get as many pictures as I should have, but here are the ones I did get!


What a treat, great night, lovely people, inspirational design.





NE1NFW Dayne Henderson Emma Hedley Blog
The Libertarian Melting ice cream hat NFW
Dayne Henderson NFW Emma Hedley Blog
NFW Dayne Henderson Emma Hedley Blog


Teesdale Oscars

Teesdale Business Awards 'Young Entrepreneur' Finalist 2013

Unfortunately Emma didn't win, it was great to be nominated though and had a lovely time at the awards ceremony. Imran Hakim, creator of the Iteddy, (Dragons Den) was the key note speaker of the night. His speech was really inspirational here is one of the poems that he used to have on his wall while growing up:


If you think you are beaten, you are
If you think you dare not, you don't,
If you like to win, but you think you can't
It is almost certain you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you're lost
For out of the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow's will
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are
You've got to think high to rise,
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins

Is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN! 


Great ideas for a creative Christmas

Top tip no: 3

Great ways to use up old christmas cards, cut them up to make labels for presents, use them to decorate a bottle of wine or make them into paper chains!  

Top tip no: 2

Make your own wrapping paper using old fabric, news paper, flowers and leaves... these look so beautiful, almost too beautiful to open!  

beautiful gift wrapping
beautiful gift wrapping

Top Tip no. 1:

This is a fab idea, use a hot glue gun to make patterns on your old baubles, allow it to cool then spray paint over the top! Amazing! Found it here  

revamp your old christmas baubles
revamp your old christmas baubles

Baby Shower @ Rockliffe Hall Spa


Emma Hedley Jewellery & Sugarhill Boutique @ Dolly Mama in Darlington

Emma Hedley Jewellery @ Dolly Mama in Darlington
Beautiful Bambi Dress, Hummingbird and Bambi Necklace available at Dolly Mama in Darlington

This scrummy little Bambi shift dress by Sugarhill Boutique is the perfect accompaniment to my new nature inspired necklaces available at Dolly Mama Boutique in Darlington.


Dolly Mama is my favorite little boutique in Darlington opposite the delightful Imperial café just off Grange road near Laura Ashley Interiors. It’s full to the brim with stunning designer dresses, vintage and handmade clothing by new up and coming designers.

It’s the perfect place to find something special.


This handmade silver Hummingbird necklace symbolises the abundance of energy and lightness of being, it reminds you to enjoy the sweetness of life…


The handmade silver Deer necklace is a symbol of intuition, strength and grace, it reminds you to always follow your heart…   


click here to buy 



Favourites from the british craft trade fair in harrogate BCTF

I've been at the British craft trade fair (BCTF) for the last three days helping my sister and doing a spot of research. Here are some of my favourite suppliers from the show!

Joanna Hedley Fused Glass Brooches

joanna hedley fused glass brooches

My sister makes these fab quirky little fused glass brooches. She even does personalised ones for historic landmarks so if you want any for your shop or gallery have a look at some more of her designs on   

I used to sell these in my little shop and they were my best seller!

'Button Box' collection by Deryn Relph

Deryn Relph creates wonderful machine knitted patterns and turns them into these fabulous retro cushions, lamp shades and chairs. Her work is so vibrant and playful, I love her use of colour and just everything about what she does.

Linda Lovatt- Beastie brooches

Linda lovatt beastie brooches

Linda Lovatt of 'Beastie brooches' makes beautiful brooches, pictures and little ornaments out of recycled bits of ceramics, copper and beads. They are absolutely lovely and I would like all of her work! Watch out for her work in galleries around the uk as she is going to be very poular indeed!

Flossy Tea cake

Flossy Teacake BCTF
flossy tea cake ceramics
flossy tea cake fish and chips

Flossy Teacake makes totally scrumptious ceramics and mixed media, her buildings are just stunning, her use of colour, texture and mixture of textiles with ceramics is something I haven't seen before. I just love it!


Beautiful way to revamp a lamp shade

craft ideas beautiful light shade
click on the image for the tutorial

I found a link to this beautiful lamp shade tuorial on

If you haven't heard of it before it's a great website where you can create mood boards of all the things you love. It's so inspiring, looking at other peoples mood boards, there are all kinds of wonderful ideas from recipes, to home decor, to music, clothing, science and all sorts of crafty projects.

This lamp shade is so lovely, simple but effective.   


Make your own amazing paper bouquet

I've just found this incredible tutorial, showing you how to make a stunning huge paper rose. These look beautiful as bouquets, to decorate your house, or as a lovely gift. Here is the link so you can have a go yourself, I think I'll be having a go tonight! There are all kinds of fab wedding ideas on green wedding shoes, if you need inspiration. Happy making! :-)

Super size paper flower tutorial

huge paper flower room decoration

For the full tutorial go to design sponge a fantastic blog where you will also find stunning home decor and quirky interior ideas. It's a blog that explores inside artists and designers homes. Very inspirational indeed.   

tutorial for making your own crepe paper flowers

paper flower tutorial

I found this tutorial on Martha Stewarts website  it shows you pictures of the different shapes to cut out for each petal. All you need is crepe paper, florists tape, wire, scissors and a bit of patients.   

Storybook Paper flower bouquet

paper flower alternative bouquet
click on the pictures to follow the tutorial

Personalised Silver Lyric Bangle

personalised silver bangle
Want a bangle? Click on the picture to start shopping




If you're looking for something a little bit different, a gift for a bridesmaid, your bride to be, a christening bracelet, 18th birthday present, 21st birthday present, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th or even 80th birthday present!


Then our personalised lyric bangles are the perfect gift.


You can have your own personalised message hand stamped rather than engraved, giving a beautiful organic texture to the metal.


Each bangle is made out of sterling silver 2.5mm wire, and is made to measure so will fit any size.


To work out what size bangle you need, you can either measure the inside diameter of an existing bangle (not one with a hinge) in millimeters. Or alternatively using a tape measure, measure around the widest part of your hand around the knuckles while squeezing your hand into the shape you would make whilst putting on a bangle.


You can fit about 20 words onto one side of an average sized bangle, they look great stacked and we can even make little charms to clip on.



If you need any ideas of what to write on your bangle here are a couple of suggestions:


As a wedding gift, using the lyrics to the couple’s first dance is a really lovely touch.


As a 'push present' for new mums to celebrate the new arrival, why not have the babies name, weight, date and time of birth?


As a christening bangle, some people get a bangle in an average size so that the mum can wear it, and then pass it on to the baby when they are old enough. A prayer, blessing or one of the hymns from the christening, along with the babies name is a popular choice.



As a coming of age present, what about using a funny quote from their childhood, or a meaningful song or saying to inspire them?


The possibilities are endless!


personalised christening bangle
Stack of silver bangles

Behind the scenes wedding jewellery photo shoot with Claire Collinson Photography


Wedding Photo shoot

Silver wedding rings

The pressure is on!


This Sunday I'm having a wedding style photo shoot for my latest jewellery collection.

Fingers and toes are well and truly crossed for a frosty winter wonderland! The weather has been perfect all week with a sparkling layer of frost everywhere so I'm hoping it will last until Sunday!


The amazing Claire Collinson will be the photographer; we're using the Bowes Museum Gardens in Barnard Castle as one of our locations and the lovely Verity Naseby as the Bride.

'Cakes made to order' and I have collaborated on a vintage style wedding cake, as she is also going to be exhibiting at The Blackwell Grange wedding Fayre.


Denise Marmont from Muscari florists is providing the flowers.


Victoria Beere has made the beautiful, 1950's style, vintage wedding dress.


Niche Living are providing beautiful interior accessories to set the scene. 


For the second location we are using a stunning room designed by Claire Elizabeth Designs & Bespoke Finishing Services, in Barnard Castle.


And Rachel Hughes is doing the hair and make up!




Autumn wedding

What Katy Did Next
Autumn wedding by 'What Katy Did Next'
spring wedding
Spring wedding

Winter Wonderland Wedding

sweet tree wedding table decoration

What a beautiful colour palette for a winter wedding, chocolate and cream yummy!


I love the big tissue paper ruffle decorations here’s a tutorial to show you how to make them your self. It’s such good fun making things yourself and it’ll save you a bit of cash too.



Alternative wedding

For some quirky alternative wedding ideas, see this blog I love this tree wrapped in lace!  


Boho Bridesmaids Dresses

How sweet are these Shabby Chic custom made bridesmaids dresses?! by Armour sans anguish  


boho bridesmaids
beautiful bouquet

This stunning powder pink silk rose and vintage diamante brooch bouquet, is something that will last forever, maybe you could throw something else over your shoulder!


Cute wedding cake toppers

There are so many cute wedding cake toppers out there! I found these on Etsy by Orlydesign, a fab place to look for all things handmade and lovely.


Wedding Bouquet with a difference


I've just come across this stunning wedding bouquet made entirely out of vintage brooches! Amazing


Beautiful Tins!!!!

I don't know what it is about tins, but i completely LOVE them!!!

I have hundreds of them! I use them on my dressing table with make up and jewellery in, in the bathroom with toiletries, in the kitchen for tea, and biscuits and stock cubes and cakes.... they are just gorgeous! I was putting together a mood board and came across these little beauties so thought I'd share them, what a feast for the eyes!!! :-)


I'd Pick More Daisies, Nadine Stair

This is a really beautiful poem about living life to the full....


If I had my life to live over,

I'd dare to make more mistakes next time.

I'd relax, I would limber up.

I would be sillier than I have been this trip.

I would take fewer things seriously.

I would take more chances.

 I would climb more mountains and swim more rivers.

 I would eat more ice cream and less beans.

I would perhaps have more actual troubles,

but I'd have fewer imaginary ones.


You see, I'm one of those people who lived sensibly and sanely,

hour after hour, day after day.

Oh, I've had my moments,

and if I had to do it over again,

I'd have more of them.


In fact, I'd try to have nothing else.

Just moments,

one after another,

instead of living so many years ahead of each day.

 I've been one of those persons who never goes anywhere without a thermometer,

a hot water bottle,

a raincoat and a parachute.


If I had to do it again,

I would travel lighter than I have.

If I had my life to live over,

 I would start barefoot earlier in the spring

and stay that way later in the fall.

I would go to more dances.

I would ride more merry-go-rounds.

I would pick more daisies.



How to make a pill box hat

These are so cute and really well made i love the little pink one with the leopardprint flower on her website!!__gallery


How to make tissue paper flowers

This is a pretty cool technique, i wonder if it would work with fabric? They would make really lovely party decorations!


How to make a fascinator

I completely love fascinators and hats, and they are so easy to make! You can buy fascinator bases on ebay or make your own buy cutting up an old straw hat and sewing bias binding around the edge! You can even cut out a circle of cardboard and cover it with fabric! The flowers they make on this tutorial are pretty cool, you could use that technique to make really big flowers of all different shapes and sizes. Fab fab fab! im feeling inspired! Happy hat making people!


Behind the scenes: Making a lyric bangle

Here are some pictures of the process involved in making on of my lyric bangles!

1) cut silver wire to size with piercing saw

2) solder

3) put in safety pickle (acid bath) to clean

4) rinse then file excess solder off

5) hammer flat to give the battered organic look! (ear plugs are handy as this is pretty loud!

6) Hand stamp the personalised message- each letter individually

6) oxidise, so you can read the writing easily

7) polish with 5 different polishing wheels

8) gift wrap!


Behind the scenes @ Claire Collinson photo shoot

Here are a few behind the scenes pics from a photoshoot with my lovely sister and Claire Collinson! It was very much fun, but flipping freezing! Pictures of my new collection coming soon!


Jewellery making, crochet, stained glass workshops, and many more!

Emma Hedley Revamping Kids clothes workshop

I've organised a wonderful array of craft based workshops to be held at my Parents retreat centre

near Barnard Castle, County Durham


We've got some fantastic artists lined up to share their skills


There is going to be:


Jewellery revamping

revamping kids clothes

crochet (hearts, hats and flowers)

embellishing cardigans

felt making

stained glass

and Polymer Clay Beads (fimo)


I'm so excited I will be doing all of the courses!!!

With prices starting from only £17.50 you can learn some life long skills and not break the bank!


If you want to do a whole weekend you can stay at St Mary's for just £30 b&b including an evening meal! 

Home made soup and crusty bread will be available at lunch time for £3.50 and tea, coffee and scones will be available for a donation. Just let us know your dietry requirements.


If you would like to book a place on any of the courses then please get in touch!

01833 630921




Tiny crochet heart bunting by Julia Crossland

I was just searching google images for some heart bunting for the valentines home page, and came across this beautiful blog showing you how to make your own crochet heart bunting! It's so cute! here is a link to see how to do it 


I'm going to have a go! X:-) 


Winter Wonderland!

winter wonderland snow

I've just been out to the garden and measured the snow on the table it's 35.5cm!! I love it! Now I'm working away in my studio with christmas music on, feel like a little elf! Happy snow everyone! x:-)


Funk your Junk!

A few weeks ago I was asked to revamp some furniture for Addisons auctioneers in Barnard Castle and LUXE magazine. 

I had to go along to an auction, bid on some bargain furniture, then take it home and revamp it!


It was all very exciting! I had to try and compose myself otherwise I would have got whipped up into a frenzy and bought everything!! As it was my first time at an auction, i didn't realise you had to register to be able to bid, so after a few failed attemptes at bidding I asked at the reception what i was supposed to do! Ridiculous I know. Anyway i managed to get the standard lamps a foot stool and a dressing table for less than a tenner!


then the work began...

I decided to knit a cover for one of the lamps and the foot stool, knitting is great and you can do it almost anywhere... which i did, even walking around Barny during the Teesdale open studios week! I used organic fairtrade cotton from Buttons and Bowes, a fantastic wool shop in Barnard Castle, and some odds and ends from the YMCA local charity shop.

The dressing table and the other standard lamp, I re painted in a lovely duck egg blue, then painted the handles white with blue spots! Which compared to the knitting marathon was quick and easy! The lamps needed re-wiring and a couple of nice lamp shades and that was it!

Auctions are the best! You can find some fab bargains, and have great fun at the same time! I will definitely be going again x:-)  


To see the LUXE magazine article and furniture pics click the link below



Rockliffe Hall Launch Exclusive Emma Hedley Jewellery Range

Emma Hedley For Rockliffe Hall

I had the most Blissful day at Rockliffe Hall! I got dropped off at 9am thinking that the launch was starting at 10am, but it was actually starting at 12!!! So lucky me ended up with 3 hours worth of ultimate pampering in the SPA!!! It is completely incredible, with a beautiful rainbow of stained glass by the pool, a huge plate of fresh fruit to refresh yourself, iced tea and water to keep you hydrated whilst relaxing! 


The hydro-pool is lovely and warm with a variety of different water pressured fountains, pipes and jets to massage your body. There was one that really made me laugh, it bubbles right up your back starting at the base making everything wabble, so i was sitting on my own laughing histerically!


The sound-wave therapy beds were amazing! They are in a beautiful body temperatured room with heated mosaic tiled beds shaped to fit the contours of your body with relaxing music and little twinkling lights in the celing.


Then theres the tepidarium, caldarium, tropicarium, roman and heat saunas, which range in temperature with either moisure, steam or dry heat all with beautiful lighting and music.


After a hot room you can either have an ice cold monsoon shower or exfoliate with ice from the ice fountain in the Igloo! I loved the Igloo! It was so refreshing, although i had to muffle my shrieks and squeals because it was so cold rubbing the ice all over your hot body (temperature hot i mean!)


Theres also a fabulous mosaic tiled foot spa with hot and ice cold mini bubbling baths to plunge your feet into.


The whole experience was sheer bliss. My skin was like silk afterwards and i felt like i was floating i was so relaxed!

What a wonderful way to start the day!


When i finally emerged to launch the jewellery collection (after a hot pink Leighton and Denny file and polish)  we had a delicious array of mini mince pies, mulled wine and Ferrero Rochers to tuck into whilst browsing the new Christmas goodies in the SPA Boutique. With lovely reps from Mamma Mio and Comfort zone giving away free samples and special offers, the day was just lovely! The jewellery looked beautiful in the cabinets and went down a storm with the SPA members and staff! 


The Range consists of 'Sleepy Dreamy Tipsy Love' Lyric Rings, (which describes the feeling you get after a good pampering in the spa)


Lyric Bangles with 3 positive affirmations  to choose from 


'Positive things happen to positive people'

' Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony' 


'Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries' 


Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings with large clusters of Howlite beads (as seen in July 2010 issue of Vogue)

Matching Bangle charms and plain drop little turquiose earrings.


I'd highly recommend a visit to Rockliffe hall the staff, treatments and the venue are truly amazing!


The jewellery's not bad either even if i do say so my self!! lol x:-)


See more pictures of the event here.


Eco Chic Boutique Parties!

Do you fancy having a little get together with the girls, whilst browsing through a wonderful array of affordable goodies and gifts? Then Book yourself a party! We've got something for everyone, see our facebook page for some sneeky peeks!!/ecochicboutique?ref=ts


We can take card payments now too!!!


Cheshire young designer of the year Finale

I'll be launching my new jewellery collection next week at the cheshire young designer of the year finale! I'll also be one of the judges, how exciting! I'll be like Cheryl on X factor! ha ha! I'll also be bringing the Eco Chic Boutique pop up shop, selling a variety of all things eco, vintage, handmade and fabulous!  Can't wait! But the pressure's on, I still haven't chosen a song for the models to strut down the catwalk to.... any suggestions are more than welcome!

Ethical Fashion Show
See our new collection on the catwalk!

Teesdale Open Studios 23rd-31st October

This is a fantastic event! The members of the Teesdale Artists Network open their studios to the public, for a behind the scenes preview. You can pick up a brochure with the addresses and contact details for each artist from all around Teesdale. You can see my work in 'My Generation', Barnard Castle Town centre


Teesdale Artists Network Exhibition

The Station, Richmond / Sat 11 Sep – Sun 8 Oct 2010, open 10am – 10pm daily)

This stunning exhibition showcases the work of professional fine artists from Teesdale in Co. Durham. The exhibition features the work of 24 quality vetted artists who work with a diverse range of styles and media to create work of exceptional quality.
With work ranging from gorgeous textiles and design to exquisite artisan jewellery, striking sculpture to textural pottery, and
thought provoking photography to an astonishing range of painting styles, subject matter and media, there should be something of interest for all visitors. This is an exhibition where a visit will be rewarded by finding beauty, challenge, meaning and wonder.


Eco Chic Boutique now open!

Emma Hedley's Eco Chic Boutique
Eco Chic Boutique

After many late nights, early mornings and a bit of elbow grease the new shop is now open!! Eco Chic Boutique has moved to the beautiful historic market town of Barnard Castle in County Durham! Home to the famous Bowes Museum and surrounded by idyllic countryside, beautiful views, amazing antique shops, friends and family! I also completely love the fact that there is no rush hour!!! In Manchester i was leaving the house at 8am to get to work for 9.30am, and the same journey only took 15mins in normal traffic!!!


Eco Chic Boutique can be located inside 'My Generation' right next to the Butter Market in Barnard Castle town centre. 'My Generation' is an Aladins cave filled with all things Retro, Collectable and Timeless Classics as well as some amazing handmade textiles and artwork by local artists such as Ingried Swan and Stephanie Grant. You can find the Eco Chic Boutique neatly nestled in the back of 'My Generation' selling all things eco, vintage, handmade and fabulous!


I'm stocking some amazing artists work such as some original and limited edition prints by the up and coming star Matthew Swan! Fab t-shirts and cards by Mia Hague and Gus Little, handmade bags and purses by boho raspberry, cute jewellery by she draws, hilarious cards by Hazel Bee! I regularly have people crying with laughter in the corner of the shop because of Hazel!!! Sophisticated contemporary jewellery by Rachel Hearne Stunning Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal jewellery by Veritas, cute little glass brooches by Joanna Hedley, gorgeous textile jewellery, hairbands and brooches by Sally Southern.... the list goes on!

Oh my goodness and incredible revamped to order shoes by 'God Bless Shoes' the excitement is unbearable!!! Honestly people are going wild for the shoes! so if you'd like to see some pics and get the latest news have a look at




New arrivals @ Eco Chic Boutique

Irene Hoiles Chunky Ethnic Necklace
Irene Hoiles Ethnic Fimo Necklace

It's not often that you see something so incredible it leaves you utterly speachless and giddy with excitement! I can safely say i have never seen anything so fabulous made out of fimo! Irene Hoiles hand makes each bead using polymer clay, each pattern is so intricate that it takes up to 1 week to complete one of her necklaces! The beads are about the size of golf balls but are much lighter. She also makes gorgeous little cigarette/ business card cases, bangles and all kinds of other lovely items! Irene also teaches fimo jewellery making workshops, so i'm sure we will have people queuing up at the eco chic boutique to learn some of her techniques!      


Emma Hedley Live on BBC Tees! 8/03/10

Here are some behind the scenes pictures at BBC Tees in Middlesbrough, with Neil Green and Diane Youdale! What a treat! It was such good fun! I was really scared I'd make a fool out of myself but I think it went really well, thank God! Neil and Diane were lovely and made me feel at ease, so I just relaxed and had a good chat! I took a vintage case full of goodies from the Eco Chic Boutique to show them, and they went down a treat!

You can hear the radio interview  here


Eco Chic Boutique Now Open!

Well... where to begin? I've been hibernating through the winter, moving house, designing new collections and opening my first boutique! It's all been very exciting and exhausting but the Eco Chic Boutique is now open!
I'm selling fabulous vintage recycled and new beads as well as revamped clothes shoes and accessories, amazing Hazel Bee cards which are just hilarious! Handmade cushions by Lalou, gorgeous handmade jewellery of course, and lots of other lovely bits and pieces!

The Shop is located in a tiny town called Bishop Aukland, in County Durham, it's part of the 'In Shops' arcade on the main high street! I've been lucky enough to be part of the One Northeast Enterprise Scheme, helping new business get up and running.


I was just listening to Teesdale Radio while peeling wallpaper in our new house, when I heard an advert for funding through 'flexible families' at Enterprise House in Barnard Castle, so I went in for a chat with Sue Smith and came out with a shop!!! I'm so excited and grateful, I’ve always wanted my own little boutique where I can just sit and make lovely jewellery! I just didn’t think it would be possible! So thank you so much to everyone who has helped me get set up! I really can’t thank you enough X:-)     


Ring Ring!

Chunky Cocktail Cluster Rings
Chunky Cocktail Cluster Rings

These are one of my specialities! They have a hand woven silver or silver plated band, with huge chunky clusters of beads on top. Each one is unique Commissions are available on request and can even be made using your old recycled jewellery! The bigger the better I say!  


Hot off the press! New Spaghetti Necklaces!

Jewellery Stall, Centurion House, Deansgate Manchester
Spaghetti Necklaces!! ooohh yummy!

These fabulously versatile necklaces can be worn in a variety of different ways, either wear them long, wrap them twice around your neck or around your wrist four times as a bracelet!

Each one is nicely finished with a hand stamped silver signature toggle clasp and is available in every colour of the rainbow.

Commissions are available on request if you would like a particular colour, or they can be made to order using your own recycled jewellery.



Thrillermania 2009 Bolton

Thrill The World, Thrillermania attempt to break the world record for the most zombies doing Michael Jacksons Thriller Dance

Thrillermania are atempting to break the World Record for the most zombies doing Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance in Bolton tomorrow night!


The event is taking place at Harper Green Leisure complex at 7pm. There are video tutorials on their website and a link to buy tickets


How exciting! What an awesome way to celebrate halloween! I met the organisers (pictured above!) outside the Palace Hotel at the Destination Florida fund raising event. Shame I wont be able to join in, I'll be apple bobing while dressed as a pumpkin at a kids halloween party!!! Very excited about that though!!!


Jewellery Stall @ Centurion House

On Tuesday 3rd November 2009 12-2pm @ Centurion House, Deansgate, Manchester


I'll be sharing a stall with the lovely Ashley Holden, selling my latest collection of lovely rings, earrings, chunky necklaces and charms. Ashley will be selling her luxurious gift wrapping and personal shopping services! There will be a variety of other stalls there as well so if you are passing by please pop in for a nosey!    


Gifted in Buckfastleigh, Devon

Lucy Hallam stocks Emma Hedley
Lucy Hallam's beautiful boutique

Lucy Hallam's beautiful little boutique 'Gifted' has just opened in Buckfastleigh! What a treat! She is selling all things fabulous, recycled, eco, organic, handmade and unique; Including my Exclusive Handmade Jewellery, Emily Bond fabric and homeware, Nicky Thomson knitted textiles, Coast and Country Interiors, the Organic Baby Company, Angel Eden and she is also the first Bellini Rocks Stockist!


Jewellery Parties!

Cocktail Cluster Ring
Sterling Silver and Amber Cluster Ring

Fancy hosting a jewellery party?
If you like the sound of getting together with the girls, having a cupcake and maybe a little drink or two, while browsing some fabulous jewellery then get in touch and book yourself a jewellery party!!!
We have a wide variety of styles and prices to suit every budget, whether you're looking for a gift or a treat for yourself!
The host receives a little something special too! Who could resist!


Bellini Rocks the red carpet! @ Talented Youngster 2009 & Destination Florida

Oh My Goodness what a week!!! Ashley Holden (One of our bellini girls, you may recognise her from Colleens Real Women!!) went to the Talented Youngster competition at the Palace Hotel. She went sparkling down the red carpet wearing two fabulous stacks of Bellini Rocks rings and a beautiful corset and skirt combo form Co-Cu!! The whole event was to raise money for Destination florida. We donated a stack of Bellini Rocks on a stunning black tulip shaped champagne flute to the charity auction.


All in perfect time for the launch of the bellini rocks website!!!


cup cakes!

vanilla glittery cupcake by lizzie's tea party
vanilla glittery cupcake by lizzie's tea party

How amazing are cup cakes?!!! I've just been to my sister in law's hen do and had these beautiful cup cakes, supplied by yum yum! I love them! Awesome party too!!! x:-)


Work Experience

Over the last few weeks Rosie Frater, a jewellery student from Manchester college has been doing some work experience with me.


We've been designing and making some cute little pouches out of vintage and recycled fabric, using up all the fabric that I've been hording for the last 10 years! So now when people buy a piece of jewellery they get it all bunched up in a lovely little matching wrap!


Bellini Rocks Photo Shoot

Well the Bellini Rocks Photo shoot was wicked! It was in Preston at the Media Factory, we did a street casting in Manchester and had an article in the Lancashire Evening Post to find Bellini Girls to model the rings.


You can see the Bellini Girls and the rings at they all looked fantastic, I'm really pleased with how it all went! It's crazy how much organisation it takes though!


Yan Preston was the photographer we've done loads of projects together before but this was the biggest ( , Claire and Liv did the hair and make up, they worked so hard, they had a little production line going on! We had gorgeous lunch delivered from the Equator Cafe just round the corner. (I used to work there in 1st year at uni!) Richard Green filmed the shoot, he's an apprentice gold smith at AKA Bespoke Jewellers, I think he was enjoying hanging out with the models a bit too much though!!! Check out the vid here as edited by my lovely bro! Rosie Frater is doing work experience with me, she was the ultimate helper! Running everyone through the health and safety, setting up, preparing the studio, sorting out rings for each look! Chris Dobson is the Bellini Rocks Agent, she's so glam and fabulous! She was working with me to direct the shoot and make sure we had each look just right. Phew! What a day! I think every one slept well that night x:-)





Girls night in with a difference!

I've decided to start teaching workshops again! Every girl has a jewellery box full of old jewellery that never gets worn, so I'm teaching workshops to show people how to recycle their old jewellery and make something new and fabulous!


In this pesky credit crunch time, recycling is what we should all be doing more of! 

It's so satisfying to create something new for your self too x:-)


Emma Hedley Does Lady Gaga!

So... this is my 1st blog! And what better way to kick start than with a trip to see lady Gaga!


I was on my way home from work when I bumped into my friend who suggested we try and get tickets to see Lady Gaga at the Manchester Students Union on Oxford road Monday 29th June. So off we went to get ready to go and I just thought Lady Gaga has the most awesome style... maybe she might like one of my rings?! So I made her a huge cluster ring! like really seriously huge! I used these beautiful 20mm Chrysophase beads that are dyed this luscious green, and some cute lime green buttons from an amazing haberdashery in Poitiers in France, topped off with a silver hand sqished and stamped name tag!

So I wrapped it up and off we went! the gig was fantastic, her costumes were  wicked, I love the bubble jacket with matching piano!!! We danced our little socks off and screamed our little hearts out! then gave the gift wrapped present to one of the team! So I hope she gets it and loves it and wears it!!! X:-)     


Check out Lady Gaga's Cocktail Ring!